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Private Hire Drivers – Be Part of something GOOD!

No Interview – Register online in 5-min
We understand how busy life can get, so we made driving for us easy. It takes just 5-min to fill our ‘Drive For Us’ sign-up form and then in 48 hrs or less you will get your login details and a link to download our great driver App.

After downloading our App, login and upload your documents to us, this is easy too and takes just a few minutes.

We then check all is in order and switch you on – you’re then good to go and ready to start getting jobs from us, it’s that easy and quick.

We trust you so, different to all other companies when we send you a job you see all the job details, pick-up, drop-off and the fare, so you can decide if you want it or not. All we ask is that if you decide to accept a job you complete it as best you can in a professional courteous manner.

10% Commission – Earn More
We have signed up a lot of the top restaurants, bars and clubs in London, so can offer you great fares, plus we take just 10% in commission for the first 12 months. How about that for a great deal, a fairer deal for you our drivers!

At London Carriages, we pride ourselves as a business that upholds core values – respect being one of these values.

We do our best to respect the ideas, rights, and wishes of our drivers. We will never force you to do what you don’t want to do.


Working in Harmony

At London Carriages, we are concerned with building a solid relationship with all our stakeholders which include drivers, passengers, and TfL.

Our A1 grade is the highest rating TfL can give, they like how we work and how we treat passengers and how we treat our drivers.


Our Values

At London Carriages, we pride ourselves as a service provider that focuses on traditional values. Our values include respect, trust, honesty, and transparency.

We employ the latest technology in delivering our services. With world – class safety features and a host of complementary technologies to make us the preferred partnering business for venues.

London Carriages – be part of something GOOD!