Good reasons to sign up | London Carriages

We wish to thank you for your interest in working with us.

We treat all our drivers with fairness, honesty, and respect. We take pleasure in seeing our drivers happy and fulfilled while working with us.

Our service is highly recognised by TfL who awarded us their A1 approval, the highest approval available. They like how we work, how we treat drivers and how we treat passengers alike.

We do everything within our power to promote a good relationship among all stakeholders which includes our drivers and passengers.

Our core values include respect, trust, honesty, and transparency. We treat our drivers and passengers the way we hope to be treated.

London Carriages – be part of something GOOD!

Working with us is a great way to earn more money. Our drivers are never short of jobs as we work with a lot of nightclubs, restaurants, bars and large venues as well as numerous regular users who trust our services.

Due to the level of service we offer and our qualified drivers, our customers are happy to pay more for the service we provide.

We take just 10% commission on fares leaving you with 90%. Our commission rate is as far as we know the lowest in the industry and not a short-term gimmick for say a couple of months but fixed for a full 12 months while you get to know us.

We don’t force jobs on our drivers. We just send job alerts to you for you to choose from.

Each job alert has the following details:

The destination
Pick up
What you will earn for the job

To help you decide if you want the job or not.

On the Monday of every week, we calculate your earnings from the fares you completed Monday to Sunday the previous week.

Our customers can pay by cash or card using our App, so our system works out what you are owed each week by calculating the cash you took and the payments customers made by card deducting any commissions owed to us.

Any monies owed to you are sent and should hit your account by the Thursday following the previous week you worked.

Due to the payment system we employ, our Drivers are expected to have a bank account to be able to work with us.

We pick up passengers across the whole of Greater London, with a majority of the jobs coming from the Central London area.

We operate an App with the latest technology that is easy for both drivers and passengers to use. Our drivers receive job notifications on the App with details of the job, where they can decide to accept or reject the job.

With the App, all a driver needs to do is to click accept on the Job alerts they are interested in.

The App also provides drivers with details on daily, weekly, monthly and up to date earning on all the jobs they have performed with us.