Our offer, we get you more new customers, for FREE, with no catches.

We promote your venue, to users of the fantastic GoOut London App, via our social media channels, through our targeted email marketing campaigns and using a multitude of both innovative and traditional marketing strategies to over 300,000 people in London, each day, to get them through your doors, to spend money at your venue. We take no commission, no booking fee, you pay us nothing, the money customers spend with you is 100% yours.

In return we ask you to recommend London Carriages cab Services to visitors to your venue that are looking for a cab or taxi to take them home or on to their next destination. 

This is a reciprocal arrangement, our promotion of your venue is FREE, we do not charge you anything, it is a mutually beneficial arrangement, a win win for all!

For Partnering venues there is something extra too, a special bonus! As a thank you for signing up as a partnering venue, your staff get access to reduced cab fares with our dedicated Venue Staff App, saving 20% off our normal fares, it really is the cheapest cab or taxi option available!



London Carriages

London Carriages has been approved and trusted by Transport for London (TfL) for over 20 years, they like how we do business, how we treat drivers and how we treat customers. Their confidence and trust in us has been reflected by giving London Carriages their A1 approval & safety rating, this being the highest endorsement they can give.

With significant investment we have been able to harness the very best of today’s technology, to provide passengers with the most convenient and best experience possible, our Apps provide more ride options, all possible payment options and world leading safety features for customers.

Search LC Passenger in the App stores and experience the App first-hand.

This is a reciprocal arrangement a win win for both of us. In return for driving new customers to your venue all we ask is you recommend London Carriages to your customers.

All we ask in return


Either by passing them one of our business cards, or using our industry first Venue App or by just tell them about us, it’s up to you.



The GoOut London App is undoubtably a brilliant App for anyone wanting to find great Venues in London, with over 7,000 venues and a host of great features, but its principle aim is to get new customers for our partner venues.

As a partnering venue you get extra special promotional attention on the Goout App and through GoOut’s social media channels, targeted email campaigns you benefit from proven strategies that work and generate new customers.

Find out why the GoOut London App is so popular –  The ‘go to‘ App for finding great venues and the very best London has to offer.

goout london - discover the very best london has to offer

why download

GoOut London?

We developed the GoOut London App as part of a strategic marketing plan to support our London Carriages business.

The principle being to provide a marketing channel to drive new customers to partnering venues by promoting their venues on the App in a number of clever and effective ways. This then being a compelling proposition for venues in return for promoting our taxi services to their customers, a win-win.

So, in setting out to build the GoOut London App we where very much focused on building an App that users would want to download and use. It was important that the App:

  1. Provide the best elements of what other existing, similar Apps or services provide, but do it better, with better features, presented in an attractive way and that gets you what you want quickly and easily. The GoOut London App offers something different, something more.
  2. Provides a great user experience, is easy to use, attractive, works ie does what it says on the tin, has no ads, popups or other annoying elements, is fun to use too not just functional and of course FREE. 
  3. Makes your life easier, by using just one App rather than having to use several different Apps or services to get what you want. GoOut London the only App you’ll need for a great night out in London.

So that’s what we built, that’s what GoOut London is and does.

Members Area

Complete control


We want to reassure you that everything users see about your venue on the GoOut London App is 100% under your control.

We fully understand how important, your brand and image are to your business and that you will have taken a great deal of time, money and work to create it. It is yours you own it, so, we give you instant and complete control over all that users see about your venue on the GoOut London App.

When you sign up as a partnering venue with London Carriages  you are given your own login credentials to the GoOut London Venue Manager.

The venue manager gives you complete control over information, content, images and comments users have made about your venue. You are able to decide what is made public, what those using the GoOut London App can see about your venue, to ensure what is seen reflects positively on your brand and image. It is your venue, your brand, your image, deciding what users see is at your complete discretion, you have the control and access to change what you want as you see fit.


From your members area you can add offers or promotions. To do this click add a promotion, give it a title for E.G 2 for 1 (this is the headline promotion users of the GoOut London App will see). Then add a description, the conditions that apply and when you want the promotion to be active. 

We give you both flexibility and complete control on how you set up your promotions, for example if you wish you could set a promotions to run between 12.00 – 14.00 each Wednesday from July 1st to July 31st.

Users of the GoOut London App wanting to take advantage of your promotion, do this by showing you the promotion displayed in their GoOut London App on arrival. Note  that users only see promotions that are live at the time, so users cannot use expired offers.

Publish as many offers or promotions as you wish, pause, modify or delete those that are not working for you. As we said you have full and complete control.


The GoOut London App is undoubtably a great promotional vehicle to get your business new customers, but we are also mindful that users are not always going to be on their GoOut London App. 

So, to enable us to promote your venue outside of the App we share across our own social media channels and platforms any interesting marketing posts you send us, extending your reach and increase awareness of your brand. To do this, simply open up the marketing section within your venue manager and copy and paste, url’s of marketing posts you want to share with us and we do the rest.

insights matter

Actions matter more


Your venue analytics are the first thing you see when you open up the venue manager, a window into the effectiveness of GoOut London, its social media channels and the marketing strategies it uses in supporting the objective of getting you more new customers. 

You can see results over any date range to analyse, compare and get an insight into how well things are working. You have access to the following anlaytics:

  • The number of users who viewed your venue
  • The number of users who liked your venue
  • The  number of users who shared your venue with someone else
  • The number of users who clicked to book with you
  • The number of users clicking on your promotions to find out more

FAQ's - important to know


Traditional values say a lot about a company and our customers find it refreshing that our word, our promise, our values still hold true and are as good today as they were when we started in business many years ago.


Approved and trusted by Transport for London (TfL) for over 20 years,. Our world class safety features have merited TfL’s highest approval A1 grading.


The promotion by venue staff of our cab service to customers looking for a cab from your venue.


Venue App – A simple way for venue staff to help customers get a taxi.
GoOut London – The App for anyone wanting to find great venues in London.
Our Passenger App – Our ‘state of the art’ taxi app incorporating world-class safety features.


With our venue portal you can control what people see when viewing your venue through our GoOut London App, it enables you to attract more customers by sending out offers & promotions to users and it helps to increase your venue’s profile and brand awareness when we share marketing material you send to us across our social media channels.


An App dedicated to Venue Staff, giving venue staff heavily discounted rides, great safety features, priority booking and personal service all as a thank you for helping us.

How to Get Started

Sign-Up Online

Our business strategy is based on working with a limited number of London venues, allowing us to market and promote venues in a very targeted and specific way that is very effective in driving new customers to those venues that decide to partner with us.

We hope we have done a good job in explaining sufficiently well the benefits of our offer and how it works, allowing you to see the true potential in working with us.  If  you want to become one of our Partnering Venues, please complete our Venue Sign-Up Form by clicking the button below.

Complete Control

After sign-up we send out an email with information about how you can get started.

For additional security one of our team will call you in the next 48 hrs to authenticate your account. Once this is done we will email you your GoOut London Venue Manager log in details, to give you access. to your GoOut venue manager, found within your memeber’s area. This is where you have control over the content displayed about your venue in GoOut London and what users of the App see about your venue.  


Welcome Pack

After signing up you will recieve our welcome pack, with information about how to get up and running as quickly as possible.

We will follow this up soon after with a call just to see how you are getting on and see if you need any help using the members area, our venue team are more than happy to visit you at your venue to go through how everything works if needed.

The members area is where you control all the content users see on the App, set up promotions and share marketing posts with us to spread the word about your venue.